After Earth

Title:  After Earth

Writer: M. Night Shyamalan and Gary Whitta

Director:  M. Night Shyamalan

Year: 2013

Actors: Will Smith and Jaden Smith

Story: After Earth is a 2013 movie about how humans are no longer the supreme species.  Earth has been wiped out by an alien race.  The aliens continue to hunt and kill all humans.  Human kind has found way to travel through space, in hopes of surviving.

Plot:  The film beings by showing how the alien race feeds off of the fear the humans have for them.  This is how they track and kill all humans.  Then along comes the one they call ghost.  Captain Cypher Raige.  He has found a way to hide his fear and defeat the aliens, because they can not see him.  His son, Kitai Raige is trying his best follow in his father’s footsteps.  He is trying to join the rangers and be just like his dad.  Kitai finds out the he is not being chosen to join the rangers and pleads for a second chance.  He wants to have good news for his father, because father is due back home that day.  The relationship between Kitai and his father is very strained through this film.  Cypher decides to take his son with him on a trip to another planet.  During this trip Kitai finds out the ship he is on, has a unhatched egg of the alien.  The ship is caught in a storm and is damaged and they crash on a planet that is deemed unfit for humans.  They find out that this is the planet Earth.  Cypher is badly hurt in the crash and he sends his son out to find the homing beacon to contact their planet.   During the Kitai journey to the other half of the ship, he encounters many trials.  He is faced with a herd of orangutans, that become very aggressive and want to inflict harm on him.   He attacked by a large bird that takes Kitai to her nest.  The nest is attacked by Tigers and Kitai try to help and fight off the tigers, to try and prevent them from getting to the bird’s eggs.  His attempt is unsuccessful, and you are shown how upset and distraught the mother is.  The bird follow Kitai for most of his journey.  Kitai is over taken by the cold and passes out.  The bird makes a nest to help and protect him.  The next morning Kitai awakes and sees what the bird has done.  The bird also dies due to the cold.  The bird sacrifices itself, to repay Kitai for his help.  Kitai makes it to the other half of the site and finds out that the egg has hatched and the alien has been tracking him the whole time.  Kitai climbs to the top of the mountain to send out the distress signal.  The Kitai is faced with the biggest fight of his life.  The alien has final caught up to him.  The alien has Kitai to the point of his death and Kitai finds away to hide is fear and kill the alien.  There are multiple flash backs in this movie to show the relationship of Kitai and Cypher.

Chronology:  This film was told in non-linearly way.   This helped the film build to the end to show the characters relationship and how they two are the same, by showing the flash backs of how and why their relationship is strained.   It showed how most teenage sons and their dads are.  The kids what to impress the dad and the dad want what is best for the kids.  The audience is shown how bad their relationship is and how much Kitai wants his dad’s approval.

If the film had been done in chronological order, the audience may have not seen how Kitai really grows as person throughout the movie. To see him now and where he ends up, may not have been as powerful in the end.  You would not have had the hatred toward his father if you knew what took place first and then seen the love he has for his family.


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