Skyfall (2012)

Writers: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, John Logan, and Ian Fleming

Director:  Sam Mendes

Actors: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, and Naomie Harris.

This is another installment of the James Bond franchise that Ian Fleming has made so famous.  The cinematographers have created a much darker theme in the movies here lately.

The cinematographers use two different lighting techinques through out this film.  They are using the three point and low key styles.  Throughout these movie you see Bond hiding in the shadows.  He is not the focal point, but his silhouette is and it helps put the audience in scene and see the danger he is facing.


The three point lighting is used when the cinematographers wanted the audience to focus on Bond and his facial features.  In the movie Bond is struggling with the fact his age may be interfering with his job. With the stress of basically dying in the early scenes, you see he ages a little more in this film.


I believe these were the best techniques to use in this film.  It really help tell the story and the struggles Bond faces throughout the movie.  I do not think you would have gotten the same feel for the film if you had use a high key light.  This would have put a more happy feel to the film and you would not have felt the struggle that Bond had.

To me the best scene was when Bond opens the garage and you see the Aston Martin from the orginal Bond From Russia With Love.  You get to see the low key lighting and the sense that Bond is going to succed.


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