The Sounds Of The Godfather!

There are three basic elements of sound in film.  The first is dialogue, where the characters are talking with one another.  The second is sound effects, which is the sound associated with the action in the movie. The final and third is music, which is the score to tie it all together.(Goodykootz, 2014).

in The Godfather these categories of sound work together to make this one of the best movies to ever be made.  It is the number one gangster movie of all time, according to the American Film Institute. All of the sound in this movie really establish this as a all out gangster movie.  From the sound effects of the guns and the fighting among the characters.  through out the scenes you can feel that the characters just want to be the most powerful family in organized crime.

Sound is used in this movie to set the mood from the very beginning with the opening score.

it sets the mood of how much pain the characters will endure throughout this film.  The music in this film is place in such great areas to make you feel the emotions of the characters throughout.

The sound effects is what ties this movie to the gangster genre.  With the sounds of guns and fighting all through out the movie.

scenes like this are littered through out the film and it adds to the emotion of the characters and violence that comes with being in the mafia.

The sound in this movie are of the realistic side and as the audience can expect the outcome of the scenes based on the sounds.  This movie is set up in the best of fashions.  If one were going to use different sounds or different music, this movie would not have the same effect on the audience as it had.  Just taking out the music would make this movie much different,  the audience may not feel the emotion or the pain of the characters in this film.


Goodykoontz, Bill and Jacobs, Christopher.  2014.  Film: From Watching to Seeing.  Bridgepoint Education. San Diego, Ca.

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