Method Acting in the Godfather.

The three actors , that I am looking at in the Godfather are: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, and Jame Caan.  They do some of the best method acting in the first installment of the Godfather.  Method requires them to draw from their own memories and experiences to get to the heart of the character(Goodykoontz,2014).

Marlon Brando is considered one of the best method actors in the business.  In his movies he really takes hold of the characters.  In the Godfather, he really makes the audience feel as though he really is the Godfather.  In the following scene, this is the best scene from the Godfather and the results of method acting.  Brando and Pacino really make you feel as they are father and son and  they really care for one another. They really get to the heart of the characters and bring the audience into the emotions of the characters.

James Caan in his own way really gets into the character and you see his emotions come out.  As Sonny, you really feel the energy and how he can be a real wild card at times.  Caan does make this character as his own.

Then there is Al Pacino, another great method actor.  Him and Brando work so well together and they are so good at this style you might think they are really related.  Pacino brings his own flare and style to the character and you want to root for his success.

Al Pacino uses this style in all his films.  It seems that every character he plays you can see his really character coming through.  He has mastered this category and made it his niche in the film world.  He has been very successful with it as well.  As you can see in the clip below from Scent of a Woman.  He is really the character of Frank.


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